Igualada visitors Center + Residence

The project was to create a visitors center for Enric Miralles’ and Carme Pinos’ Igualada Cemetery in Spain. Through research and personal accounts it was clear that Igualada Cemetery has far been forgotten by most of the town. It now resides behind the new industrial sector of Igualada. My scheme was to create a beacon or ‘tower’ to mark the location as well as serve as a memorial to the deceased.

Using the lessons learned from my Saynatsalo I created a project that moved the earth in similar ways to the existing cemetery and Saynatsalo. My project is part residence, same as Saynatsalo, because I intend for a groundskeeper to reside there all year long to care for the cemetery.




Section through residence [above]. Inside information bar [below]


Site plans and sections.

Project Plan and sections. 

Site Analysis Diagrams