You enter on an exterior ramp, defending the landscape into a cave. surfaces and light folds around you, it becomes darker and smaller, the sky is morphed into ceiling, then window. Soon you will change, the transformation from clothed to naked unfolds in an almost sterile environment; bright, clean, and timeless. As male and female merge from their rooms the wall separating them becomes a wall of light and water; then they make choices to go left or right, to bath quickly or take a moments rest. Various paths lead to different baths or nooks. Traveling around a central atrium helps you navigate. When your body is exhausted you travel back to your belongings and put your armor back on. Moving out again you have not been here before, a different tunnel leads only to one door, an elevator. You get in, go up, turn around, and with a splash of wind and light you have arrived somewhere new.

In finding your bike and trying to leave it is clear you are somewhere foreign. Folding masses of earth shift and break apart into building or subtract into water. 

Layered, carved, imprinted in the lake, in time.

Between the old, the recent, and the new.

Extremely formal, and hopefully flexible.


Between, Manage, Layer, Morph. Conflict, Contrast, Convoluted?