Sam Naylor is an architect working in Los Angeles. He currently works at NBBJ, and previously Morphosis. He graduated from the Tulane School of Architecture with a Masters of Architecture Magna Cum Laude with honors. 

His passion for the natural world bleeds into the work; producing projects that are visually complex, and focused on organic forms. His artwork has been exhibited various places online and across galleries in Los Angeles and New Orleans. His thesis project was shown at the AIA design center in New Orleans, and was awarded the Senior Scholar Award and Thesis Commendation.


F42473 is a hexcode for the color...F42473, a sort of pinkish magenta. It started as a branding idea, a way to have a cohesively identify across various platforms. The thought was that a color could transcend disparate image formatting hurdles, and that the hex code for said color would be the obvious solution for a consistent pseudonym. 

Whereas designers typically use a highlight color to diagram an idea, this is for identity, the logo without the logo -- simply hue.